july, 2019

19jul9:00 am10:00 pmRegistration

19jul10:00 am11:00 amTutorial B: Application of AI-based Clinical Decision Support System: Experience in Watson for Oncology and In-house systems

19jul10:00 am11:30 amTutorial A: Implementation Aspect of AI in Quality of Care

19jul11:00 am12:00 pmTutorial A: New Development in AIoT for Healthcare

19jul11:00 am12:00 pmTutorial B: Step-by-Step chatbot Construction for Healthcare

19jul12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch and Exhibits

19jul1:00 pm1:50 pmKeynote Speech (I): AI for "Earlier Medicine"

19jul1:50 pm2:20 pmInvited Speech (1): Navigating International AI Healthcare Data Protection Challenges

19jul2:20 pm2:50 pmInvited Speech (2): Reality Check: Common Misconceptions of AI in Medicine and Healthcare: A Physician-Data Scientist Perspective

19jul2:50 pm3:10 pmCoffee Break, Exhibits and Poster Display

19jul3:10 pm3:40 pmInvited Speech (3): AI in Sleep Medicine

19jul3:40 pm4:30 pmKeynote Speech (II): Moving AI into Mobile Technologies for Faster and More Advanced Precision Pediatric Care

19jul4:30 pm5:30 pmFree Paper/Poster Presentation

19jul5:30 pm6:00 pmOpening Remarks

19jul6:00 pm6:30 pmDrone Group Photo and Video

19jul6:30 pm8:30 pmWelcome Reception

20jul8:00 am9:00 amRegistration

20jul9:00 am9:50 amKeynote Speech (III): Using AI to Improve Patient Safety-the Key Use Cases

20jul9:50 am10:20 amInvited Speech (4): The Role of Cognitive Science in Developing Safe and Acceptable Clinical Technologies

20jul10:20 am10:40 amCoffee Break, Exhibits and Poster Display

20jul10:40 am11:10 amInvited Speech (5): Big Data and Machine Learning-Shaping the Future of Healthcare

20jul11:10 am12:10 pmPanel Discussion (I): AI in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

20jul12:10 pm1:10 pmLunch and Exhibits

20jul1:10 pm2:00 pmKeynote Speech (IV) - Clinical Decision Support in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

20jul2:00 pm2:30 pmInvited Speech (6): A Human Factors Perspective on AI in Healthcare-Issues, Challenges and Future Directions

20jul2:30 pm2:50 pmCoffee Break, Exhibits and Poster Display

20jul2:50 pm3:20 pmInvited Speech (7): AI in Medical Imaging-Based Diagnosis and Treatment of Speech Disorders

20jul3:20 pm4:20 pmPanel Discussion (II): Liability and Laws Regarding AI

20jul4:20 pm5:30 pmFree Paper/Poster Presentation

21jul8:00 am9:00 amRegistration

21jul9:00 am9:50 amKeynote Speech (V): Acceleration on the Pathways Toward Value: Reducing Friction, Improving Quality, and Lower Cost at Scale in a Learning Health System

21jul9:50 am10:20 amInvited Speech (8): Current and Future of the Robotic Surgery

21jul10:20 am10:40 amCoffee Break, Exhibits and Poster Display

21jul10:40 am11:10 amInvited Speech (9): Advancing Pathology Through AI-Powered Digital Workflow

21jul11:10 am12:10 amPanel Discussion (III): The Impact of AI on the Workforce

21jul12:10 pm12:30 pmClosing Remarks